Each day, brave men and women face danger defending our families in potentially dangerous situations – in our very own backyards.

Law Enforcement Officers, SWAT Teams, Firefighters, EMT Professionals, and the Minnesota National Guard protect us every day. They face natural and man-made disasters and often deal with armed and dangerous criminals, injured or impaired individuals wielding weapons, even emotionally charged and threatening domestic disputes. They are the Front Line Defenders of our neighborhoods, towns, and cities who face and diffuse the high-risk, frequently appalling situations we know or hear about, with disbelief, on the news.

These courageous men and women need our help. That’s why the Front Line Foundation (FLF) was founded. FLF is a Minnesota 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports those who serve on the front line of law enforcement in our communities.

Believe it or not, Frontliners need financial assistance for the right training and gear. In extreme cases where one of them falls in the line of duty, their families need financial help.

These brave men and women face danger every day, defending our families and neighbors in potentially dangerous life-and-death situations in our very own backyards. They are our courageous everyday, heroes and we want to help them anyway we can. Join us with a contribution – everything helps!


The Front Line Foundation makes donations to the families of public servants who have been killed in the line of duty.


Special training is frequently needed for law enforcement, SWAT and rescue personnel, and the expenses can’t be covered by local budgets.


Imagine going out to defend and rescue people in your neighborhood without the proper protective gear. It can happen.

Help the men and women who are willing to walk into the line of fire and keep our community safe.