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Through the generosity of citizens like you, people who believe in the importance of public safety, law and order, and a well-equipped, well-trained first-line of community safety and defense, we are able to help our Front Line Defenders get the training, equipment, and financial help they need.

We can use your time as a volunteer. If you have a special, personal interest in our cause, please contact us today. Let’s find a way to put your talents to work for our brave Frontliners.

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Become a Front Line Foundation Sponsor
These courageous men and women need our help. Believe it or not, front liners need financial assistance for the right training and gear. In extreme cases where one of them falls in the line of duty, their families need financial help. Sponsorship is a great way to lead and support these brave public servants.

They are our courageous everyday heroes, and we want to help them any way we can. Please fill out the form below by clicking “become a sponsor,” email us at, or call us at 1.612.751.3549 right now, and let's discuss how you can participate and support these amazing people.

Thank You.