Many Small Community Programs Don’t Have All the Safety Equipment They Need

Each day, brave men and women face danger defending our families and neighbors in life-and-death situations – in our very own backyards. SWAT Team Members, Law Enforcement Officials, Firefighters and EMT First Responders face armed and dangerous criminals, impaired individuals wielding weapons, and even emotionally charged and threatening domestic disputes. They face and diffuse the high-risk, frequently appalling situations we know or hear about, with disbelief, on the news. They don’t always have even the most basic equipment.

Personal Safety Equipment.png

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment like helmets and the right kind of clothing are not always available to community frontline personnel. Your contribution can help make the difference.

Technological Gear.png

Technological Gear

Important equipment like night goggles help improve effectiveness and save lives. Your contributions can help get the right gear to the community law enforcement team.

Communications Gear.png

Communications Gear

In a community crisis, nothing is more important than communications. You can ensure a donation to the fund is directed to help get vital communications gear to a team in need.

Your Donation Serves the Men and Women Willing to Walk Into the Line of Fire.

We can – with your help - serve those who take the difficult actions necessary to keep order, prevent harm to the innocent, and save lives. They are willing to walk bravely toward the danger everyday.

Our only goal is to support these amazing public servants wherever and whenever they are being underserved by other resources, through the generosity of like-minded citizens who believe in the importance of public safety, law and order, and a well-equipped, well-trained first line of community defense. Help Front Line Defenders with things they can get only from donations like yours.