Help the Families of Those Who Lose Their Lives in The Line of Duty.

Tragedy can strike anytime on the front line. Law Enforcement Officials, SWAT Team Members, EMT and Fire Fighter personnel can be injured or even killed in the line of duty. These situations are always possible, and even with the best planning on the part of families and loved ones, resources are always needed for spouses, partners, and children.

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Gap Funding

In the case of a calamity, your donation can help a Front Line Family cover immediate expenses while they are still recovering from what happened and start to figure out what to do next – how to handle the simplest, essential day-to-day needs.

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Family members – especially children – need special care and assistance when a Front Liner is killed in the line of duty. Your donation can help families and loves ones get the extra help they might need.

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Final Expenses

It is rare that all final expenses are – or can be –planned for, so during the difficult time following the death of a brave Front Line Defender, the FLF helps cover both expected and unanticipated expenses – helping in a real time of need.

We can’t turn away from the families of Frontliners who are killed in the line of duty: They need our help.

You can donate to the families of Front Line Defenders of our neighborhoods, towns, and cities that have lost their lives in the high-risk situations we know or hear about on the news. Help Front Line Defenders with things they can get only from donations like yours.