Many Communities Cannot Provide All the Basic, Special Education Needed by Law Enforcement and Safety Support Personnel

Your help is needed. Join the Front Line Foundation as it supports educational initiatives that aren’t always funded by local law enforcement and fire-and-rescue budgets. Things like training session admission fees and special expenses frequently have to be paid out of pocket and prevent local or volunteer personnel from getting needed training.


Training Admission Fees

Help a team member get underwriting for SWAT Team training registration. Sometimes it costs about $500 per member. Many smaller communities don’t have the necessary funding.

Cross Training.png


You can help FLF pay for cross-training and helping law enforcement officials and fire fighters become better overall first-responders.

Preparedness Training.png

Preparedness Training

A key component of education in the future will be Preparedness Training for Safety Officers in hospitals, schools, and places of worship. You can help!

Many Communities Don’t Have the Budgets Needed. You Can Help

If you believe that having the most well-trained personnel possible is important, make a contribution to the Front Line Foundation, and tell us you would prefer your donation be directed to better training. We’ll take if from there.